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Berdan Cam has increased its capacity by 40 percent with its new investment. 

Berdan Cam produces decorative glass, thermopane, mirror blasting,  stained-glass, beveled glass and mirror, ready-to-use kitchen, plastic and door production and increased its capacity by 40 percent with its new facility and jumbo cutting line investment. The company has increased its market share in Mersin to 40 percent, and also completed its first triplex project by entering the construction sector.

Berdan Cam General Manager Berdan Kaya, stating that they have 32 years of history in the construction sector for PVC, glass, marble, aluminum, structure materials and contracting and highlighted that they have reached to 30 million lira turnover with almost 100 workers. Kaya expressed that they are regional dealer of Fırat Pen for plastic door and window and Trakya Cam for glass and they continue their investments in 2016 and commissioned their second factory. They were having activities in 1.500 square meter previously and their new facility is established on total 10 thousand square meter area with 5 thousand 500 square meters indoor area. Besides, Kaya highlighted that they added new machines into their machine parks and realized total 6 million TL investments with facilities and machines. Kaya also stated that they have started qualified glass production in their new facility and added “We accelerated our production with the new jumbo cutting line and expanded our service portfolio by cutting large sized glasses. Thanks to the large sized glass cutting, we minimized the waste rate and improved our profitability and we have increased our capacity to monthly 7 thousand square meters for glass cutting”.

We constructed 10 million TL triplex project

Kaya informed us that they have added a new business branch to their organization and started build-and-sell. They have completed their first projects within this scope and highlighted that they have constructed 22 triplexes on total 11 thousand square meter area. He stated that they made total 10 million TL investments and they will deliver triplexes in first 3 months of this year. Kaya, “We made plan and investment of next five years. Our activities will continue in the sector with our new projects”.

We are aiming to produce tempered glass 

Kaya stated that they are aiming to purchase temper line in their facilities at the end of this year, and quick freezing has increased resistance to the glass. He highlighted that a normal glass can be divided into very small pieces those will not damage people after breaking, and added “Therefore, all house glasses will be tempered at certain floors after 2017 with the new law. There are few producers from Mersin to Antalya making tempered glass production. We want to be among rare companies of the region with that production.” 

Kaya stated that they started their activities as Berdan Cam on 1985 with mirror production, expressed that they sustain their growth by acquiring Fıratpen PVC Door and Window assembly dealership on 1998. Kaya, expressing that they continuously improve their service qualities by adding decorative glass, thermopane, mirror blasting, stained-glass, beveled glass and mirror, ready-to-use kitchen, plastic and door productions depending on continuously changing and renewed customer requirements and added that they are in projected works. He stated that their market share is almost 100 percent in Tarsus and their share is 25 percent in Mersin. He added that they are aiming to increase their activities and share they receive from the region and “we are aiming to be the best producer of the region in our sector. We want our customers to find all products they search for.”

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