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why Berdan?

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why Berdan?

We are serving as producer and applicator in Glass, Thermopane, Mirror, PVC FıratPen, Aluminium, Marble and Granite areas as most important needs of food sector as Berdan. Our customers, requiring rapid and disciplined solutions, preferred us for successfully providing services requiring so detailed and speciality. As these services are inter-related particularly in the construction sector, rapid solution, time-saving and completing all works with a single company were effective reasons.

our Advantages;

As Berdan, we are working for rendering higher quality and quicker services to our customers with 85 personnel on 8000 m2 area. All products produced by us are being produced with warranty certificates and delivered to our customers with Warranty Certificates.

We are providing continuous and uninterrupted services to our customers with our teams divided into departments such as production team, installation team and service team within our company.

Maintenance and repair of products produced and assembled by our company are planned and performed by our service teams on each day and every hour of the week. We are aiming to advance our service areas and qualities everyday as BERDAN.